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Hi there,

If you want to start quickly losing weight, charging up your libido and skyrocketing your energy, then you've come to the right place...

Because I'm about to reveal how changing just ONE crucial element in your diet can automatically super-charge your metabolism, boost your brain power, take years from your face and body, and give you a quality of life you can only dream of!

The truth is... it's time for you to end your love affair with sugar and become addicted to loving your new amazing life!

But the good news is... you don't have to deny yourself. You'll still be able to indulge in amazingly tantalising treats! (What's the catch??? I'll get to that soon.)

Read on to DISCOVER how the foods you are eating daily are making you OVERWEIGHT and SICK...

...How your food choices are trapping you in an addictive spiral of poor health... and making it virtually impossible to lose weight.


I bet you didn't know that there is absolutely no essential nutrients in sugar – It contains no minerals, fiber, no fats, no protein and no enzyme

You are consuming empty calories when you consume added sugar. 

Refined carbohydrates like sugar are incomplete foods. Your body will use vital nutrients from healthy cells to metabolize the calories.

Your body will be depleted of sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium to process the sugar you just ate.

Sugar is sapping your energy, causing you to feel lethargic, bloated and generally unwell… and don’t get me started on what it’s doing to that number on your scales.

The sugar we consume is fast becoming known as key factor in so many health problems (i'm just getting to those!)

It’s a fact that Americans love their sugar!

The average person consumes over 125 grams everyday…

The World Health Organization recommendation of just 25 grams for someone with a normal weight... that's only around 5 teaspoons!

Now, let me introduce myself...


I know, it reads like a line from an AA meeting doesn’t it!

Well, it’s not far off… See, I was an addict.

I was completely and hopelessly ADDICTED TO SUGAR.  

I want to share with you how I’ve quit eating sugar filled junk, dealt with my emotional eating and how I’ve ‘made over’ my life and body over the last year… Plus how YOU can too!

WARNING: THIS IS NOT JUST ANOTHER FAD DIET… This is a lifestyle choice and change.

In just a few weeks from now you too can be so glad you did!  

What if I told you that in only 3 easy weeks you can change your entire outlook on food and be enjoying a quality of life that you won’t believe?

  •  You will be losing weight faster and feeling better than you could ever imagine        
  • Your energy levels will be sky high             
  • You won’t be a slave to your cravings               
  • You will be reversing the damage you’ve been doing to your liver with all that junk food             
  • Your skin will be clear and glowing               
  • Your libido will be back in full swing (somebody stop you now!)             
  • You'll be making informed, healthy choices based on hunger not craving             
  • You will be enjoying a varied, delicious range of foods while still indulging your sweet tooth from time to time (but only when you choose!)

 Best of all you’ll be armed with the knowledge and power you need to crush your sugar cravings for good!  

You only need to commit to 1 full week of fully cutting out sugar and carbs… after than you decide what you eat and when…

 In as little as three weeks, you can be starting to experience the freedom of choosing when and what you eat... you will no longer be a slave to your cravings! 

So more about me...

I can tell you right now, I am not a doctor, or weight-loss consultant... I am just a mom and someone who has struggled with weight fluctuations, sugar addiction and binge eating for a very long time. 

I've put hundreds of hours of research into getting this area of my life under control. I've been through a lot of ups and downs. What's most important though is I have seen first hand what WORKS...

...Not just for me either... For countless others too. And I can't wait to share this with you!

Since before I can remember I’ve used food as a crutch!  

I’ve rewarded myself with cake and cookies… drowned my sorrows in sodas or wine. Carbo loaded in times or stress and continuously raided the fridge when I got bored.  

Don’t get me wrong, I ate healthy foods as well… but I always needed something else.   A muffin or donut after lunch… chocolate after dinner. Sugary granola bars in the morning… a little slice of cake with my coffee… an afternoon pick me-up of whatever was screaming at me from the café cabinet.

I was feeding my body so much processed sugar and I didn’t even recognize it... I was no wonder I was tired and emotional all the time!  

But I never saw it as a problem… throughout my 20s and early 30s I’d go on a binge and put on a few pounds and then count calories furiously and go crazy with exercise to get back down to my comfort weight. I was all over it.  

Or was I?

 Of course there was always the crippling food guilt…    I'd clean out all the cookies... then the cakes and chocolate in the house and feel so bad about myself. I can even say looking back now that I was hovering dangerously close to having an eating disorder.  

"I could never understand how some
people could stop at one or two
while I had to eat the whole packet?"   

I was never seriously overweight, but I yoyo’d between my healthy weight and, let’s face it, more than a bit chubby. Yet I just couldn’t see the damage my obsession with food was doing to my physical and mental health.  

When I look back now I’m hideously embarrassed about how much my life revolved around my desire to constantly stuff my face with sugary treats and my lack of self-control.   If only I’d realized earlier I could’ve had the freedom I have now had for years!

I couldn’t see how addicted to sugar, food, and binge eating I was.   

Let's pause for a moment while you contemplate yourself... 

Now you and I both know that there is a very good reason that you've found yourself reading this page in the first place!


Ask yourself honestly...

  • Do you hate what you see when you look in the mirror? YES!
  • Have you failed at every diet you've ever tried? YES!
  • Are you obsessed with food? YES!
  • Always looking for your next sweet treat to the point of distraction... perhaps it is even affecting your work? YES!
  • Do you always turn your partner down because you're 'not in the mood' or are you too tired to even contemplate a new relationship? YES!
  • Do you continuously overeat then feel sluggish and tired, promise yourself never-again, but find you repeat the same behaviours over and over? YES, for sure!
  • Do you eat certain foods, even when you've not hungry? YES, all the time!

If you have answered YES to more than 3 of these questions then it is almost certain that you are also addicted to sugar.

 But don't panic. I want you to know that you are not alone. 

You may be blaming yourself, feeling like a failure, a weakling with no self-control... BUT the most important thing to know is that IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! 

Let me continue my story and you will find out why...

In December 2014 my life changed completely...

I had a baby… She was tiny, she was perfect!

She enriched my life in so many amazing ways… She also helped me to gain a generous 40lb. Eeek…

For me at 5 foot 3 and having a pre-baby weight of around 120lb this was hard!  

Throughout my pregnancy I thought I was being careful with what I ate… I truly thought I needed the extra energy that the 500 calorie chocolate muffin and flavored milk was giving me.

I wasn’t one of those girls who was going to eat for 2 and get fat!   

Friends had told me they’d put on 40, 50 even 60lb or more during pregnancy – I couldn’t see how this could happen to me!  

But my weight kept slowly going up…. But hey, I was having a baby, this is totally normal isn’t it?  

Anyway, I was sure that after I’d had this baby that my body would just bounce back. I was breastfeeding so that was going to help (surely right?)  

Well, I was wrong.

Stuck at home with a grizzly baby who wouldn’t sleep, obviously I turned to food to keep me going. And I’m not talking carrot sticks and apple slices. I’m talking cake, muffins, cookies… so many cookies. Sugary hot chocolates and sodas. Massive amounts of comfort foods – delicious bread, thick with tasty spreads! Mmmmmm...   

But still, after the initial couple of weeks after I had my baby, I couldn’t understand why my weight was still creeping… I was breastfeeding and doing lots of walking with this kid in a pram, shouldn’t that knock off a few pounds?

It took me months of being overweight, unhappy and uncomfortable in my skin to have a light bulb moment. I must be doing it all wrong... I needed to have a drastic re-think!

I realized I could do one of TWO things...


I could just continue on the same path... 

Continue to be unhappy with myself, my weight and my energy levels, and continue to poison my body with the wrong foods... risking my health, my marriage and my future happiness.



I could think of my future, the future of my family, and find out what the secret was to becoming truly comfortable with myself and my food choices... and strive to become the person I knew I had potential to be!

It was a no-brainer... I had to go with option 2!

I had to take a long hard look at myself, my lifestyle and the person and mother I wanted to be. So I wrote a list of what I truly wanted from my life...

  • I wanted to be happy      
  • I wanted energy      
  • I wanted to be thin and attractive and feel good about myself    
  •  I wanted my self-confidence back   
  • I wanted to be in control of my emotions   
  • I wanted to be able to concentrate on my family and my work without being constantly distracted by my need to fulfill my cravings   
  • I wanted to feel good about what I was putting into my body  
  • And on top of all this... I still wanted to ENJOY food and look forward to it without being obsessed. I wanted to have my cake and eat it too… but I wanted to be the one to consciously choose what and when to eat… not be driven by desperate need!  

Moving on... My little girl was finally sleeping during the day so every spare hour I got I spent with Dr Google to find out what my problem was, what I really needed to do…  

I wanted to be like those super moms on Instagram who could do everything and be healthy, slim and happy (even though I couldn't stand their perfection! ) What was their secret?? 

With my research came a revelation….

It wasn’t my fault!

The food that I was eating was spiked. It was jam packed full of sugar… All of it… from the obvious things like cakes and cookies to all the sauces and packets I used when cooking my family meals.  

For some people SUGAR is like a drug. It can be as addictive as crack…

...and depending on your consumption, it can be just as damaging.  

 I was relieved… I was an addict but it wasn’t because I was hopeless and weak with no self-control... 

...It was because I had been conditioned by food engineers and manufacturers to crave more and more sugar.

I discovered that it was a conspiracy created to SELL SELL SELL high-taste, low nutrient, cheap to produce ‘food’ to chumps like me.

Now, before all this, like you, I’d heard the ‘Quit Sugar’ hype…

I didn’t pay much attention. ‘How bad can it really be?’ I said to myself. It’s a natural product isn’t it?

Sure, you shouldn’t eat too much of it, but is it really killing us? Why such a big drama about it all?

It wasn’t until I began my research that I discovered what sugar was actually doing to my body and my mind.  And it took MONTHS to actually put all the pieces together and formulate a plan.

And now I want to share the plan that actually worked for me, with you… all the shocking information you need to become educated about the dangers of a high sugar diet, plus the tools you need to change your life for the better.  

I thought long and hard about it, and then made myself one massive promise.

If I was going to do this, I vowed to make my program as EASY, AUTOMATIC, and STEP-BY-STEP as possible, otherwise it was just like every 'hard to stick to' diet… this would be a plan for LIFE.

 I want you to know that getting rid of the extra sugar in your diet doesn’t have to suck!  

I’m actually writing this in a café while enjoying a long black coffee and a peanut butter cup (it’s small but amazing… with extra-dark chocolate and rich peanut butter). I don’t feel bad about it one bit.

In fact, one of the best parts of my journey is this....

My food guilt is history!

And now, YOU can experience for yourself the amazing sense of freedom that comes when you rid yourself of food guilt…

So, let me ask you... Are you ready to free yourself from your addiction today ?

Are you ready to rewrite your future, and see yourself fulfill your potential to be slim, happy, energetic and totally empowered?  

Wouldn’t you love the freedom of being able to choose what you eat and not be led by obsessive cravings?

Are you READY to awaken your tastebuds and experience a true love for REAL food?

If you’re still reading this, it means the answer is YES.

And I am so excited to introduce you to this revolutionary program that will give you the power to choose your relationship with sugar! ...

…A program I call Sugar Crush Detox!

The Sugar Crush Detox is the result of months of hard work on my part (and a whole lot of passion and tears along the way)...

...to condense every little secret method and tip I have discovered about how to change your relationship with sugar (and food in general) for good.

You'll discover the secrets to fat-burning, renewed energy, and loving life... And you will be GUARANTEED to get incredible results, EVEN if you’ve failed at every single effort to lose weight or change your eating in the past…

I’ve done all of the hard work so you don’t have to…

Now, it’s your turn to experience these incredible results for yourself.

Here is a sneak peek at what you will discover when you choose the SUGAR CRUSH DETOX...

First, if you feel like your sugar addiction and emotional eating has taken you to a dark place in your life, then this plan is for you...

Take charge of your emotions with my "EMO-TROL SOLUTION": simple steps to help you take charge of your emotional eating, permanently...

...So you can break free from the 'sugar chains' and take control of your moods, your energy, and your life!

Next, do you know you NEED to quit sugar but don't think it's humanly possible? Perhaps you've tried before but failed? Are you scared of the 'withdrawl phase'?

With my "WITHDRAWL SURVIVAL TIPS" pull-out chart, you'll have an easy go-to reference for what to do when those desperate cravings hit!

In my Withdrawal Survival Tips you'll get specialized techniques and tricks to get you through the tough bits... And yes believe me there will be some, but rest assured you don't have to go cold turkey! Wean yourself off slowly with my 5 week plan.

Next you'll discover my "HUNGER HORMONE CRUSHER SOLUTION"...

I bet most of you haven't even heard of the hormone Ghrelin - it is the sneaky little sucker telling you that you’re hungry!

Ghrelin signals your brain to eat and is a disaster for dieters – as your levels of Ghrelin increase as you try to lose or keep weight off. It makes you consume more food, take in more calories and store fat!

The Hunger Hormone Crusher solution is a fool-proof diet hack to effectively switch off your hunger... PLUS you’ll learn the 5 top-secret foods which target your hunger and put it into 'shut-down' mode!

If the idea of a flat stomach and beautifully defined jawline isn’t enough to stop you reaching for the sweet treats or overly processed foods, then how about the promise of dewy, youthful, clear skin?

...I'll show you how to unlock the secret to looking YEARS younger with my "AGE BUSTER TIPS".

It’s time to stop looking at yourself in the mirror and feeling deflated about the state of your skin. You owe it to yourself to start looking and feeling better inside and out.  

Let me tell you a little about ‘AGEs ‘– (advanced glycation end products) and what your excessive sugar intake is doing to your skin!  

AGEs are new molecules formed when sugar in the bloodstream attaches to proteins. These harmful new molecules cause drastic damage to your collagen and elastin... the protein fibers that keep your skin firm and elastic.  

If this is what is happening to your skin from the inside out… maybe it’s no surprise that people don’t recognize you anymore? Or you look years older than you are!  

Don't panic because my AGE Buster Solution will teach the secrets to stop harmful AGEs in their tracks and regain that youthful complexion you know you want and deserve!

Next, many people think that quitting sugar means quitting fruit... I want to bust this myth once and for all!

FRUIT = FRUCTOSE! But I thought fruit was healthy??

I know… it’s confusing, but don’t panic because I’m going to give you my comprehensive "FRUIT STRATEGY CHART"!

Just because you’re quitting sugar doesn’t mean you have to cut out ALL fruit from your diet… There are so many fruits that are absolute superfoods, packed with fibre and nutrients so it would be ridiculous to cut them completely!

Fruit contains the sugar fructose which is the one you will be trying to avoid…

BUT this isn't meant to be hard or super restrictive... It needs to be flexible and work with your lifestyle!  

So I’m going to make it easy for you with an easy to follow chart that will be the only tool you need to make the right choices:

  • Which fruits are best to eat
  • Which fruits to stay away from  
  • The serving sizes you should stick to
  • Easy!

But JANE! You said I could eat cake... Tell me how!

CHEATING! Yes you can have your cake and eat it too! 

 With my "SWEET LIFE CHEAT SHEET" you'll know which sugar alternatives can have and what you need to steer clear of for the good of your body and mind. 

Just because you won't be partaking in that daily frappachino with an iced donut to go, this does not mean that all 'treats' are completely off the table. (Believe me, once you revive your tastebuds you won't even want that frappachino!)

Once you've completed the one and only 'hard' detox week then you will have the option of introducing some delicious natural sugar alternatives. I'll tell you exactly which treat foods are best and when.

The secrets to CRUSHING your CRAVINGS are just around the corner...

Quit being a slave to your cravings begin to enjoy a LIMITLESS LIFE...

Reach your true potential by freeing yourself from your food obsessions. You'll discover what ACTUALLY brings you TRUE JOY! 

Begin to fully experience your loved ones once again, your religion, your natural surroundings, and engage yourself in new passions and interests.  

By gaining this new freedom you’ll be able to start to focus on the more important things in life.

You’ll discover a ne found energy for life which will provide you with unlimited possibilities. You will be able to fulfill your hopes and dreams like never before!

By Crushing your Cravings you can CUT THE TIES THAT HAVE BEEN HOLDING YOU BACK.  

So by now you've probably figured out that this program isn't just about helping you quit your junk habit... I truly believe this is a way to enrich your life in more ways than you ever dreamed possible...

And this isn’t even HALF of what you’ll get inside the Sugar Crush Detox Program…

I can’t cover everything here because if I did it’d take me at least another hour…

Can you imagine how your life is going to change when you get your hands on this incredible program...?

  • Can you imagine being free from those sugar cravings?
  • Free from those extra pounds that have crept up on you?
  • Free from constantly thinking about where your next hit is coming from?
  • Free from those awful 3pm energy crashes?
  • Free from always reaching for a sweet treat as a way of dealing with your emotions?
  • Free from the guilt and depression that comes with a sugar binge?

Can you imagine having the power to restart and recharge your life, in YOUR way, and have people telling you how slim, happy, radiant, and AMAZING you look?

I mean, just imagine how amazing it’s going to feel when you have the power to say 'No' to that massive slice of chocolate cake that you would've previously been drooling over, and to not even give it a second thought. 

When you discover that you really can do this and you are strong and empowered, YOU will be that person in the room that that everyone envies... because you will be glowing with health and showing off your amazing new figure in those jeans you never thought you'd fit again.

And imagine watching with delight as your husband looks you up and down appreciatively as you take off your clothes…

I can almost feel your heart racing with excitement and anticipation to possess this amazing new lease of life…

Because you know how much meaning and satisfaction this could add to your life…

So, let me ask you…

What is it worth to you to be healthy?

What is it worth to be able to easily turn your back on those desperate sugar cravings?

And, if you knew that you could super-charge your libido and have the sex life you always wanted... what would that be worth? Maybe it could even save your marriage.

What would it be WORTH to actually find a program that's not just some fad diet... Something that can actually train you to fix your lifestyle... all while still enjoying delicious food...?

It really is that easy!

These are my results! Within weeks I was so much slimmer... happier and healthier. PLUS my energy levels were through the roof!

It was so good to feel like I could pull my jeans on and not have to find a top to hide my muffin top... I no longer felt uncomfortable in my skin! 

Look, I don’t want to darken the mood…

But I know so many men and women live in complete frustration because they don’t believe they possess the power to change…

I see so many friends struggling with emotional issues and medicating themsleves with food... the absolutely wrong foods. 

And as a result they go through life unhappy, lethargic, overweight and with mood disorders…

But thankfully, this won’t happen to you…

 Because not too long ago I was struggling, frustrated and ready to give up, until I found a method to really kick my addiction for good... and rebuild my whole relationship with food... 

 And today, I want to do the same for YOU… 

So, keeping that at the top of your mind….

What do you think would be a fair price to be able to finally free yourself from the power that sugar has over you, and be IN CONTROL of your relationship with food?

Personally, I think the price of $97 for The Sugar Crush Detox is a pretty darn good deal…

But, I also understand that you might be thinking a $97 price-tag is a little out of your reach, and I can totally understand that…

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Members Download Access provided by SugarCrushDetox.com. Sold by Clickbank, one of the World's Most Trusted Online Retailers

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